Sunday, May 13, 2012

Big changes.

Well, it's unofficially official : we are moving to Berrien Springs, Michigan. All we have left to do is solidify our housing situation, rent a moving van, and get Maile registered for kindegarten. I have so many mixed emotions about it, but I hope it will be a great adventure for us . It feels really good to know we are one giant step closer to our family goal/dream. So far the Lord has taken care of us, and I have no doubts he will continue to do so. I will certainly miss so many parts of our life here :family,  bugs, our house, family, friends, our branch , family . I will miss being in the South, but I am southern so at least I can take some of that with me. Anyway, now I have to go into project mode bc I refuse to take 1/2 finished projects with me. These pics don't have anything to do with this entry, but I have the cutest kids!