Saturday, May 31, 2014


This is my precious little dude:
 and he just finished his first year of preschool! He had home visits:
 His wonderful teacher:
 And he had school visits:

Here he is concentrating on painting: you know he is concentrating by the position of that tongue: (it's a Wilson thing-he gets it from his daddy...)

 His locker at school:
He has learned so much and grown so much over the past year.

One afternoon, M got it in her head to make a fairy house:

J helped:

M went to a birthday party with her besties from school:

Miss P joined J and me for a reading activity at the park by the river. Curious George happened to be there:

This is kind of a gross picture. But M checked out a Fancy Nancy book about tea parties from her school library, so we had a couple tea parties! I didn't get a good shot of M here but I did want to show J's usual outfit. He wears it pretty much every other day when it is clean. He loves it! The ensemble is his Star Wars shirt, silver shorts, light saber, and his watch which he uses as a communicator.

Then his Grandmama bought him an upgrade: a real Anikin suit!
Boy does he love it!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fun in May

We've been busy. And we have been not busy! Here is J and I being not busy on the trampoline:

While Mr. J was working the kids and I went to the Blossomtime parade:

(Don't let that sun fool you-it was pretty chilly.)

We were also busy this month celebrating Mr. J's birthday before he left: Here is J giving him the "rainbow card" he colored for him:
(He has been into using the "age old" technique of holding all the crayons/markers he can fit in his hand and drawing five or so lines at a time. He thinks it is so cool!)

The next few pictures might seem a little redundant; but I absolutely love watching M around gift -giving time. She gets so excited and is so happy to help people have a good birthday/Mother's Day/Father's Day/ Christmas-whatever the occasion is. She just has such a big heart and loves to help make people happy. This is one of my favorite qualities of hers.

 And by the way, this girl came to me and said, "Mom, will you take me shopping so I can get Dad a birthday present with my own money?" She had thought about it in advance that she wanted to do this for him. So we discussed ideas of gifts she could afford, she picked the store, and we went shopping. She picked out a very stylish t-shirt and a pack of his favorite Hershey bars. And then wrapped it by herself too! Again-my big-hearted girlie!

Why? Why am I such a horrible photographer? While this pic is precious, it could've been better had I snapped it a few more times and gotten her eyes open! 

Mr. J in his birthday shirt on the way to have a family fun day for his birthday:

Sharing freshly-squeezed lemonade:

Thanks to a good friend who kept J, Mr. J and I also got to go on a date! We had a nice lunch and did a little shopping and visited Guitar Center. I've got one talented husband, y'all. And to top it off-he is handsome too! We enjoyed having some time just us before his long trip.