Friday, August 30, 2013


Thank Goodness this is all over now. We moved into a house-which is old-but so so so much better than being down in the dungeon where we were. Also the rent is cheaper, which is nice. I like everything about it except I am really worried we smell like old house now. Anyway-here are a few shots from all that involved the move:
J riding in the moving truck: (we moved just two or three blocks over so it was no big deal for the kids to ride in the truck).

We stayed in the apartment for a couple nights after we got all the furniture out. Here is the mess. We let the kids watch a cartoon after church because we were all just too tired to do anything else.

M playing amid all the boxes and such. What a cute cowgirl!

 The kids slept in their sleeping bags in a tent in J's room for the nights we were at the apartment. They thought it was great fun!

When we got to the new house, the new-house fairy had left them a special gift of a swimming pool:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Antics and Activities

 Amid the packing before the move we were kind of having a bad day and I was reaching my limit. M (who is a waaaaaaaaay better mother than I am) took the little ones into her room. It was kinda quiet in there so I peeked in to see what they were up to. M had them in her bed with their sippy cups reading them a story. It's kind of hard to see them, but they are there. Isn't she sweet?

Here they are being goofy:

Library day: 

Holding hands in the car:

J and his new tractor: he loves those things!
 We watched How to Train Your Dragon for movie night and the next day M wanted her hair like the girl's in the movie: (She wanted me to cut her some fringe so it would look just like the girl's-I vetoed that real quickly).

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pool of Rules

A while back we went swimming. It was not that fun. There were so many rules at that pool that we truly did not enjoy ourselves. Except Miss P. She quite enjoyed the baby pool. I'm not sure why anyone goes to that expensive place. We won't again. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

This Just Happened

A true story from my life with a three year old:
          Here I am sitting at the table looking up recipes so I can go grocery shopping. J and M want to ride their bikes. "Sure, I say. J, please put some clothes on first." (That child strips to his undies the SECOND he walks in the door from being outside-so he gets dressed multiple times a day.) Humming, J brings me a swim shirt and swim shorts so I can help him. 
          "J, why do you always want to wear swim clothes?" I ask. J continues humming, but takes his underwear off. 
           "No, leave your underwear on, we have to go to the store." 
          As he begins putting his swim shorts on, "No, I'm gonna cover my booty and my penis and my bum up so nobody can't see my naked." J continues humming, and runs to find his flip flops. Thank you J, for always putting a smile on my face!

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Long, Long Time Ago

What seems like such a long, long, long time ago (now) we went to the spray grounds in S.B. (So long ago that I really have no clue when it was-just sometime this summer...) For the most part it was a lot of fun. The not fun parts were trying to keep all three kids doing the same thing at the same time and not running all over creation, and Miss P hating the water. At the spray ground. Hated it. I had to sit and hold her a bit away from all the spraying instead of playing with my kids because otherwise she would scream. The kids played in the water for a while, but since I am the life of the party, they got pretty bored without me there to help their play a long. (Also it was pretty crowded, and my kids do much better with more space and less kids in their faces.) But, we all enjoyed the playground attached to the spray ground before we got wet, and after we got wet. Miss P would have sat on the spinning deal all day if I let her. She loved it!

So did this little handsome dude:

M loves the monkey bars!

Our picnic lunch:

It was a fun splash pad because it is colorful, has a variety of ways the water comes out, and is somewhat animal themed since it sits right near the zoo. And it is free-best part for me. :)

My climber:

Closer-up with better coloring...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Little Trips

Here is a little trip we took to the dentist for M's first cavity. I have no idea how she got a cavity because we are very diligent about brushing. I guess she eats too much sugar. I don't know. She was very nervous but survived the ordeal.

Here is M and her friend from the apartments. We took her to family story time at the library.

J had to get in on the action:
 (the shirt he is wearing was Mr. J's and I absolutely love it!)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Father's Day

This post is not a run-down of Mr. J's Father's Day. It is a celebration of what a wonderful father he is. I am so thankful our kids have such a great dad. They love him. They crave spending time with him. They love hearing his Princess Fifi stories. They attack him with hugs and kisses when he wakes up in the morning and when he comes home from work in the evening. I hear multiple times a day, "when is Dad gonna be home?" Or if we have been out, "I wonder if Dad is home yet?" They pray for him, worry about him, and ask him a lot of questions. He is definitely the brains in this household! Whenever M is curious about something I'll make up some answer and then say, "ask Dad." It works every time! Having such a wonderful and amazing father myself, I'm so grateful that my children will grow up with that too.

I thought it would be funny to ask the kids some questions about their daddy on Father's Day. Here they are:
(I'll type M's answer, and then J's)

1.What is something Dad always says to you: Go pee after school, Here's some chocolate mulk
2. What makes Dad happy? Getting him something that he likes at the store, getting my chocolate mulk
3. What makes Dad sad? when mom puts healthy things in his food, (no answer from J)
4. How does Dad make you laugh? mustache tickling, like this [lol]
5. How old is Dad? 32, 3 like me
6. How tall is Dad? 132 inches, big
7. What is Dad's favorite thing to do? go get doughnuts, play cars with me
8. What does Dad do when you are not around? work- I mean watch t.v., run in the house
9. What is Dad really good at? telling Princess Fifi stories, making chocolate mulk
10. What is Dad not very good at? I don't know-he's good at lots of things, nothing
11. What does Dad do for his job? archaeologist, make chocolate mulk
12. What is Dad's favorite food? doughnuts and tacos, chicken nuggets and french fries
13. What makes you proud of Dad? that he's a good good good good dad, giving me a special airplane
14. What do you and Dad do together? mustache tickling, play cars
15.How are you and Dad the same? we both like to go on adventures, [points to his wee-wee]
16.How are you and Dad different? He's a boy and I'm a girl, good
17. Where is Dad's favorite place to go? doughnut store, car store
18. If Dad were a cartoon character, who would he be? aqua man, play music
19. How do you know Dad loves you? because he's sweet and loving to me and he cares about me, take loves


No doubt about it-the past month has been an absolute whirlwind! We have been so busy with a lot going on! And, amid all the moving and things that have been going on, we have still had time for fun! So, over the next few days, I hope to catch up on all that we have done. (Including a Father's Day post I forgot to do!)

We begin our catch up with movie going-and we have been going a lot! Three times! It is a splurge, but when we can go for sixteen bucks for the whole family (including treats and P) it just doesn't feel that bad! I love our movie theater! We have seen Despicable Me 2, Planes, and Turbo. ( I only have pics from one trip).

Next up are the crazy antics my children got involved in while I was busy packing, moving, cleaning etc. This is a game where they turned my Pack n Play upside down and stuffed all the pillows and blankets they could find and then crawled up inside. I think they were playing house-not exactly sure. But, I let them do that several times because it kept them busy and out of trouble (for the most part). And I must note here that M is the leader of all the crazy antics you are going to see in the next few posts!

Here she is modeling her make-up and hair do. I think she was being Asian? I can't remember exactly.

These are some of my favs of P! She loves carrying around backpacks and purses. This was one day on the way to the laundry (SO glad I don't have to do that anymore) and sandbox.

I gave M and J more time than usual to play outside with their friends since they wouldn't be seeing them much after the move. Here they are playing vet and dog. (Guess who's the vet!)

Another crazy game M got the kids into. They love tearing up my bed and jumping and playing on it! I think they were doing Ring Around The Rosies over and over this particular time.