Monday, April 28, 2014


It has been a wonderful few weeks (mostly for the kids and I-Mr. J has been working while we were having fun). Easter was really nice. Here is a little of what we have been up to! M got a new bedspread (clearance at Sam's) :

We've been playing a lot of card games because our weather is awful right now. I definitely do NOT like spring in MI. I'd rather have four feet of snow then what we have now! (Cold and rainy with the occasional tease of a day that will be 60 and sunny). However, the weather has provided a teaching moment for M. She has been frustrated by it and so we've been discussing a lot about how we have to look for the good in every single situation in our lives. We can't control so many situations-especially the weather- so we have to figure out how to deal positively with these situations. So we are really practicing looking for the positive aspects of any given situation. 

Little J keeps disappearing and I have had a lot of super heroes in my house! My sweet friend bought him this cape and mask-which he loves!

The flash has been everywhere with us! He has worn it so much that the crossing guard lady we meet on the way to school was surprised when J wasn't wearing his flash costume!

This next picture has a special place in my heart. I was feeling pretty down and useless. I have not been able to find a job or do some other things on my list. And because I have no job, I have had a lot more time with J. I have really been making the most of my time with him. I have worked hard to spend a lot more quality time with him. I'm also working harder on discipline with him. This particular day we were at the playground at M's school waiting for her to get out of her after -school art class and I was enjoying our time together. He took his flash head off and somehow is face was so dirty! I just had to laugh. In this precious moment I realized just how special my time with him right now is. I was already making the most of it, but it was an attitude change. The way I felt changed. I love this little dude so much! He has such cute little quirks and funny sayings. I'm not worrying about what's not happening on the list because this little guy, and M of course are the most important items on the list!

The next day was Good Friday. So we had little Miss P and her mom and brother over to dye eggs. We made soft baked pretzels and jumped on the trampoline and dyed eggs. We had a great time! 

That afternoon M went for a playdate at her BFF's house. And then the BFF came to a dinner at the church with us. The girls did not want to part! The next day was the BS Easter egg hunt. I've never seen such a spectacle in all my life! But I guess it was worth it because the kids each got a bag of candy and a toy. Here is M waiting for her chance to get eggs.

Here is J before it was his age group's turn to go. He was feeling a little nervous and had a few tears because he didn't want to fight all the kids for eggs. I told him he didn't have to participate but that he wouldn't get any candy if he didn't. So he got brave and did it. Afterward he was very proud of himself! And happy with the candy and toy!

After the egg hunt some more friends came over and played for a little while. We jumped on the trampoline and hid eggs for a few hours! The next day was Easter. We had beautiful talks in church about the Savior. I am so thankful for the power of the Atonement and for the Gospel in my life. I couldn't make it through one day without the help of my Heavenly Father and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. What a wonderful time of year to celebrate His birth, life, death, and resurrection!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Break

Right before spring break: M with two friends from school:

I got a hair cut:

J had a pink and puffy eye. I didn't think much of it until he woke up in the middle of the night in hysterics because his eye was swollen shut. We finally calmed him down with some ibuprofen and a cold wash cloth on his eye. I don't know much about eyes except that they are important so I took him to the er. This was 3 am ish. We got there and the doc said it was an infection and loaded J up with antibiotics and sent us home. His eye cleared up right away. This pic showed him at the er when the ibu was working:

Two days later we picked up one of our all-time favorite people from the airport! We were all so excited she could come stay with us. Before we left Chicago we stopped and ate at a famous pizza joint:

The next day Mr. J took me to the hospital and I had my tonsils removed. Surgery #5 in my life. Of all the medical stuff I've been through, this was by far the most miserable I have ever been! I would NOT recommend it to anyone! Although, it is very nice that I am no longer coughing blood and other disgusting stuff out of my tonsils on a daily basis! So, I know it was worth it but man! it was awful!! My doc even came to check on me in recovery and said how awful they were and that I had made the right choice in getting them out.

M made me these sweet get well cards. I thought the above was clever! (Drawing a vase and putting real flowers on top.) I didn't see my kids much the first four days. I pretty much stayed in my bed. They would pop in every once in a while if Mr. J let them and give me loves or cards. They were so concerned for me and were so sweet to me. Mr. J was also so sweet to me. I have to say here how much I appreciate my dear husband. He really did a grand job of taking care of me. He made sure I was hydrated, got my barf buckets, kept up with my pain meds schedule, held my hand when I was miserable, and any thing else he could do to make me more comfortable. He did all this while helping Grandmomma with the kids and going to work.

These next two pics are out of order. Pretend they are farther on down the line. Long story but I can't fix them now....

I didn't get many pics of Grandmomma with the kids because I was in the bed for most of the time that she was here. She took care of all the cleaning, laundry, cooking and caring for the kids. I so appreciate all she did! The kids love her so much. I can't tell for sure, but I think the feeling is mutual...

I received several get-well gifts. A beautiful candle from Grandmomma, these gorgeous roses from my parents, a meal and Gerber daisies from my RS president, jello from my sister, and several get-well cards from friends and family. I also received many texts and emails regarding my recovery. I have such thoughtful friends and family! 

One time M read me a story:

After Grandmomma left I was doing much better but was not really up to taking care of everything yet. There was also the risk of me bleeding out while Mr. J was at work so my darling parents made the three day trip to come take care of us. Again, I didn't take many pics because I was resting most of the time. Here is J with Grandpa making a train track: (see pics above also! :)

I also conned Grandpa and Mr. J into setting up the trampoline: (which the kids love so much and never get tired of!)

(I had to put all of these pics in because I love that you can see M's smile in succession while she is jumping. You can also see J wearing his "incredibles" mask. He likes being Dash!)
Again, another huge thank you to my parents! They cleaned, shopped, cooked (even home-made tapioca which was so nice on my throat!!), baby-sat, and took care of me. They worked so hard. I am so thankful for their, Mr. J, and Grandmomma's kindness and sacrifice on my behalf. Love y'all so much!