Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Little Man

My little man: 
this kid is so sweet and loving and busy and fun-loving!  A few weeks ago I realized that I have quite a few unremarkable pictures of J sitting in chairs. Why would I think that J sitting in a chair is so cute I have to photograph it? And then it dawned on me that J sitting in a chair is a rare occasion! But I love that about him!

Here is a common sight in our house: whatever J has been playing with. When the kids are in bed asleep and I have quiet moments to reflect on how much I love my children, it is sweet to see the remnants of his imagination and play.


J got a train set for Christmas and two additions for his birthday and he loves them! He also loves designing new tracks with his daddy. He'll say, "I have a great idea, Dad!" And then Mr. J will find a way to make that idea happen!

We were blessed so much on our trip to MS this Christmas. One of our many blessings was getting to celebrate J's birthday with our family there. We held it at the library and everyone had a great time-as usual!

(I love these pictures with his Grandmomma-you can see how much she loves him and enjoys making him happy!)

(Unfortunately, I did not get a pic of my beautiful sis-in-law, but she was there!)
J certainly loves his daddy. In fact, he prefers Dad over Mom, but sometimes he'll settle for me. I'll take what I can get!

We were snowed in on his actual birthday. But it turned out to be a nice birthday for him anyway. We spent the day together playing whatever J wanted to play. We also video chatted with family. Then Mr. J shoveled the driveway and I ventured out in the negative degree weather and picked up some McDs per J's birthday request. After eating we blew out the candles and sang "Happy Birthday" -much to his delight!

He was very excited about his cake! And loved helping me put on the finishing touches (aka candy).

It is tradition in our house to wake up to your "party" on your birthday and J was so excited when he woke up and saw all the train decorations! It was so sweet! (On a side note: his sweet sister stayed up late because she really wanted to help put up decorations. She loves making other people happy!)

(excuse the mess)

What can I say about my sweet little man? He will make you laugh with his silly sense of humor, melt your heart with his sweet nature, and surprise you with his intelligence. I love him more than I will ever be able to show or tell! He is an amazing blessing in my life. Happy Fourth Birthday little guy!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Here's what January looks like so far:

(Update: I took these photos a couple weeks ago. Mr. J's car is now buried in snow above his tires. One of these days we will shovel it out!)

 Going to do more shoveling:
 snow cave:

Mr. J working on his excavation skills:

J's snowman bagel: (we actually built a real snowman outside but I can't find the pics I took of it).
 Rosy cheeks from the cold:
 Sledding with our ward friends:

Here I am standing half-way down the hill looking up:

 We've had several snow days so far and are so glad we have so many toys and activities to keep us occupied. Tea party:

 We took a long walk when it wasn't too cold. J rode in style:
 We also played a game called "Find the Sidewalk!"
 M's first monopoly game: she won!