Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some Days

One highlight of our trip was getting to go see the second Planes movie in the theater. J also got some of the characters from the movie-which he loves!

One thing that was memorable-but not so much a highlight was worrying about Mr. J. He was in Israel very near the border where the fighting broke out. They've had some bombing in years past but if you are up on your current events then you know this was different. So all the adults in the house were pretty worried about it but not talking about it because we didn't want the kids to worry.  This little one does though. She definitely got the worry gene from one side of the family (won't say which side-you know who you are :). We assured her that he would make it home safely! But we were also praying fervently for his protection.  And it worked out because he was worn out and ready to come home anyway, and so when he was able to come home early due to the war we were thankful to see him! Also while we are on the topic-I just want to say how sorry I am for the people there. The life they have to live with bombs exploding over head and sirens and having 20 seconds to get to your bomb shelter really makes me appreciate the peace and security I feel here in the US. My heart goes out to those who don't have that. And I support Israel!

I went into the room where the kids play with their toys and saw M's barbie car filled with four different batmen taking a joy ride! I love to see what J comes up with! I'm so glad my kids have good imaginations.

One day M gave Grandmomma and I a makeover:

Then I gave her one too!
 We went on lots of walks and bike rides while we were there. M thought this new bike was cool because it's kind of like her Grandma and Grandpa's recumbent bikes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Grandmomma and Grandaddy took us for a very fun outing to Dismals Canyons in Alabama. The terrain is just beautiful in the canyons and we had a great time exploring and being together.

 See the tree they are sitting on? It's going up? This picture is the rest of that tree:

After hiking we were treated to a yummy bbq meal:

I just love that I captured some of this sweet little conversation between J and Grandaddy. You can just see on both their faces how much they love each other!
Even though it was a little hot, and the terrain was difficult at times, we made it through the hike and had a great time together!

Peace and Quiet

Every now and then in the summer time I get a little peace and quiet with the kids. These moments are precious gems to me. Here we are quietly painting:

I had to keep this blurry pic because it shows how he sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating:

More quiet time at the library. This was the mad scientist show:

 I'll leave you with this precious gem:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Working on Vacation

 One of M's favorite thing about our trip was working at the library with Grandmoma. M loved this so much! I believe it was a very special time for her to be with her favorite person on Earth-who happens to be the boss at the library!

 From what I hear, she was a pretty good helper...

When she wasn't at work she was busy hanging with Auntie S: 

J and his new bow and arrow:

One fun thing we did was a fun day in Tupelo. We got to ride in the fancy new car-which the kids were thrilled about!

We did all the attractions at the mall:

She turned lots of flips:

J waved to the cute girls in the mall as we rode passed on the train:


We finished the day off with frozen yogurt. The kids were so worn out all they could do was veg in front of the movie that was playing at the yogurt shop: