Tuesday, July 23, 2013

M:s post about our trip to the Lavender farm:
When we went to the Lavender farm, we picked lavender. There were lots and lots and lots of bees there. And I was scared of the bees. I tried lavender lemonade and lavender honey. I thought they were yummy! 

 Then J and P started digging in the dirt and putting it in our buckets where we put the lavender. I did not like them putting the dirt in the bucket with our lavender. I was afraid the bees might think the dirt is the ground and the lavender was on the bush so they would think that in our bucket was actually the outside!
 Don't we look cool in our sunglasses?

Isn't that a beautiful, beautiful sight?
 All that purple is lavender!

 Right here at this picture I am cutting the lavender. You don't pick lavender, you cut it at the bottom.

Here is some advice if you ever go cutting lavender: always cut at the bottom. If you cut it at the top it won't look pretty.

This is what the kids were doing when they were putting the dirt in our buckets:

We had a picnic after we cut the lavender:

And that is the story of the day we went to the lavender farm. Then end!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Big Mistake

Ever since we visited Silver Beach for the first time I have wanted to walk out on the pier. And it just wasn't happening for me. Well, one day not too long ago (last week) we had kind of a rough morning with people being a little stir crazy in this house. And, we had to run errands. So on the way to our errands I had the impulse to go walk the pier. I thought it would be good for the kids to have some fresh air and do something fun since our morning had been the pits. Well, I was so, so, so wrong. We ended up being hot, tired, and hungry. I had to carry J and P by myself alternating the entire way until the way back in which I carried them both at the same time-for a long, long, long way. I tell you. Never again will I go on an outing unprepared! On the upside, the kids had fun watching all the boats, jet skis, and fishermen. And it was really pretty. And long. Did I mention we walked a long, long way?

 I think J is not pictured because he was on my shoulders.

Here are the pics M took with my camera:

J took this last one.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Big Day

 Last Wednesday we had quite the busy chaotic fun-filled day! We had little Miss P, as always. And we had our friends from across the hall come play too. We did a lot of playing: dress-up, rock stars, super heroes, office, race cars, etc. Here we are drawing a town on a shower curtain that was taped to the floor (another idea off Pinterest). It kept them entertained for a while with the drawing, unfortunately they didn't want to play on it after they drew it. We played on it over the next few days, but there wasn't a whole lot of interest there. Maybe it was the hard floor? But, at least they liked drawing! Next time maybe we will just do some random art and pictures on one. That sounds fun to me. P was busy trying on everyone's shoes:
 Drawing the town:

Playing super heroes! (J's cape is on inside out because the tag itches him!) Our friend was quite the trooper as he took J's sword hits like a man!

After lunch we made bubble dough(another Pinterest activity). Again, they had fun mixing the dough, but didn't really want to play with it afterward.

Then we made no-bake cookies:

While those were setting up the girls created "centers" for everyone to play outside. The centers were basketball, sidewalk painting with water (which P LOVED), and riding scooters. This is when it got chaotic! There was a lot of going in and out, kids fighting over turns, neighborhood kids getting involved, an ill-timed phone call, tractors working in the yard, little J having melt-downs. Whew! Finally, I made everyone bring their toys in, have a drink of water and some cookies. The neighbors left. The rest of us went outside to just relax and wind down.

Then after supper Mr. J had a meeting to attend and so the kids and I went to story time at the library. We found out there was free ice cream at the local SDA grocery store so we went and had ice cream when we should have gone straight to bed!

  (good shot right up my nose...but I love J's smile!)
 (trying to hide...)
This was a sweet moment for me with my kiddos after a long day of me tending children and not getting much one-on-one with them. I'm such a lucky mama to have these two!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Play Ball

The other day we had a little spare time, so we decided to play some sports outside. Of course no one wanted to do the same sport so we had to drag a ton of stuff up the stairs and outside (can't wait to move). Here is M playing basketball:

 Meanwhile J and P played baseball:

P was funny because I kept showing her how to hold the bat with two hands, but as soon as she got in place to hit the ball she would let one hand go and just bat one-handed:

After a while the kids got tired and played in the dirt. Then after Miss P left and M went inside to talk Grandmomma's ear off, J wanted to play "toss" as he called it. So we were throwing the ball back and forth and I was stepping back to grow the distance between us. Eventually he started not being able to catch the ball so I said "J keep your eye on the ball." Next thing I know he has one eye closed and one eye open trying to catch that ball! It was so stinking cute and I just luuuuv that little guy!
Another day we charged the Jeep up and Mr. J carried it outside. We drove it to feed our friends' fish and then to the park and then back home. People waved and honked at the kids and M told me she felt famous! That girl loves some attention! When we got home she gave the neighbor kids each a ride and then we had to go in for supper. Fun times!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July

We had such a wonderful Independence Day! We actually started celebrating on the third. After work we ate an easy supper and then got loaded up to go. We drove about thirty minutes to New Buffalo. A cute little  touristy place with a beach, harbor, and a casino (although we never saw that). There we saw a two hour performance by the South-West Michigan Symphony Orchestra. It ended with a firework show that was timed to go with what the orchestra was playing-really fun. We could have watched the fireworks over the water, but opted to stay closer to the car and where we could hear the music. The children were very good. They enjoyed the music and danced and listened. It was a little too loud for J at times. During the show, the photographer for the symphony took several beautiful pictures of M. He said she was very beautiful! After the concert a woman came to us and asked if M was in ballet class and said how good her rhythm and grace and dancing were. And how J was right on the beat. We were beaming parents to get so many complements. As we were walking out M said, "Mom, I feel like I'm famous!"

 Unfortunately, the 5% chance of rain was very wrong! We were quite wet the first thirty minutes or so and then finally the rained cleared. While we watched we ate potato chips and taffy-real healthy stuff!

Because it gets so dark so late here, the fireworks didn't start til about 10:30 pm. We made it home just after midnight. So Thursday we were all a bit tired and sluggish. And I happened to wake up with a fairly mild migraine. Needless to say we all slept in and napped throughout the day. M and I also made some treats and did hair and nails. Then we went to a family's house to have a party. We did not know they would have swimming stuff out (it was only 80) so after we ate we let the kids slip and slide in their clothes. It was a lot of fun.

 After the party we went home and showered and went back out for ice cream. I just love the fourth of July! I love America and am so very thankful I live in this amazing country!