Friday, February 20, 2015

Thanksgiving and Baptism

We had a wonderful visit with family for the Thanksgiving holiday. The weather allowed for safe travel and a little fun!
Aunt K colored the kids' hair with hair chalk and J was so proud of his blue! He did not want to wash it at all!

The real reason everyone came was for M's baptism. The morning of she got to open her special gift from Grandmomma:

She loved it and looked so very beautiful in it! I hope and pray someday she will have the desire and opportunity to wear a white dress to go to the temple in and one to get married to a good man in as well. If anyone is worthy to put on a white dress for a sacred ordinance, it is M. She is so pure of heart. I know her Father in Heaven loves her and is pleased with her choice to get baptized.
These pics are a little out of order and I'm missing some but here is M in the dress she wore after she was baptized. It is the same dress I wore on my baptism day! Thank you Grandma for saving everything!
Pre-baptism with Aunt S:
(I think M looks so much like S-besides the coloring obviously). I have a few complaints about the day- especially that I didn't get more pics of M in her beautiful dress and in my dress. We did get one family one but I don't know where that pic is at the moment. I guess I don't need to dwell on what went wrong and just remember that it was a happy and special day for M. She loved having her family be a part of the program. Grandpa conducted, Grandma lead the music, Grandaddy and Aunt S gave talks, and Aunt K said a prayer. Her daddy performed the ordinance and her mama cried throughout the whole thing! (Tears of joy, of course). She had a lot of friends come and support her as well. We are blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. And we are so very blessed to have this precious girl in our lives!

School Picture

School pictures really are a rip off. They are expensive, boring, and you only get one shot (pun intended:). They are a big waste of money to me. But I could not resist getting her picture this year! She looks so grown up and cute! She told me it was her "best one yet!" She is very proud of her short hair and glasses. What can I say? I love my precious girl!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pie Anyone?

November brought us a pie eating contest:
 M was the only child who really participated. She had so much fun and thought it was hilarious!

One of our favorite outings is going to our local theatre. We can each get a treat, a drink, and a ticket for under $20! It's a deal! M got Milk Duds "like Grandmoma!" She also saves her treat until the movie starts-unlike J who tears into his cotton candy the second he sits down!

This is what my desk at work looks like on Fridays! So much paper work!

A dear sister in our ward volunteered to give M cake decorating lessons so here they are on the first one:

 M had so much fun and used every. single. tip!

I think my favorite moment of the day is the evening time when we can read stories and snuggle with the kids. After the hustle and bustle of our busy day it is so nice to have peace and quiet and hear about how their day went and catch up on sweet hugs and kisses. Here are my handsome boys doing just that:

So sorry this picture is upside down. This is a picture of the first love note to M from a boy- a boy named Jayden. Jayden and M have been buds since kindergarten. Apparently the relationship has progressed despite our constant reminders to M that right now boys are just friends! Here's how the story goes: the note was deposited in M's locker. Now that he has confessed his love to her they are both too shy to speak face to face. All communication between the two happens via a mutual friend named Tyler!
And now for "the rest of the story" (Paul Harvey anyone?) A week or so ago (Feb 2015) Jayden asked M if she wanted to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. M came home pretty excited and nervous at the prospect. She wanted to play, but didn't know anything about the "teenage pootant ninja turtles" as J calls them. So Jared told her all about how to be April so she could play TMNT with her old pal Jayden. The said recess play date has not happened yet. We will see how this little second grade social drama plays out...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Eight is Great

It is really hard for me to believe my sweet girl is eight years old. She is so precious to me. She loves to be in the kitchen cooking, cake decorating, baking, and mixing up "science experiments." Nine times out of ten she will give up what she wants for someone else-especially her brother. She is loving, generous, helpful, silly, sensitive, and full of life. She has really improved in her reading and will speed through a Junie B. Jones! She is learning how to manage lots of friends at school and really enjoys her teacher.She loves listening to music and dancing. She loves to get"dolled up" -whether it is a special occasion or not. She will paint her nails, pick out a cute outfit with earrings, and gather her essentials into a coordinating purse.Her testimony is growing and she loves her Heavenly Father and her Savior. She is perfect in our family and I am so thankful for her each day.
 Here she is opening presents:

 She asks to go to Olive Garden on her birthday every year:

Opening more presents:
She invited her BFF to spend the night to celebrate. They played Chubby Bunny:

She asked for a giant Twix bar for her birthday instead of a cake. It took a long time to make and wasn't nearly as good as a regular size Twix! Sadly I didn't take any pics of it. Another memory I didn't get any pics of is when Mr. J and J brought treats to her class on her birthday. M really loved having them there. Overall I'd say she had a great birthday!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Fall Fun (cont'd)

J's preschool had a family night and the children performed. It was cute. 

We spent an afternoon at the park. The kids love it so much when they get to play with their daddy. Mommy is not so fun. But they will take Daddy in a heartbeat!


Introducing a rock star, Obi Wan, and Flash: (I went as myself because that is scary enough.) 

It was too cold and snowy to go trick-or-treating (for us anyway- the weather did not stop most Michiganders). So we went to the ward party. It was pretty fun.

J's babysitter is the best! She sends me pics (occasionally) of the fun things they do.

M's party at school:

One day after school I told the kids we were going to rake for a while. M took a minute before she came out and joined us. She had changed into a "good raking outfit." Apparently she has to look cute while working in the front yard in case people drive by and see her??!