Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Choptawk "

<p>Today we went on an outing to Choctaw Lake (or Choptawk as Maile calls it) . Angela and the gang drove us in their van and we had a fun day! I can't say I loved swimming in that nasty lake with FISH BITING me, but the kiddos sure had a good time. (Yes Angela, myself, and Gavin all got nibbled!) I only got two snapshots but I think it's funny that there are three people taking pics in one; and I love how it's all smiles in the other. I love love love Maile with her cousins. She loves them so much! We will surely surely miss them. And we are grateful to have had an outing with them today.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Big Project

Maile and Grandpa just completed a big project! Maile loves being in the garage with Grandpa, and so when we moved in Grandpa had a whirligig idea ready to be put into motion!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hoola Hooping Hoopla

Maile loves to hoola hoop! So last night we went a little early to the meeting point to pick up Jared so she could play. I got a few snapshots of one of her favorite activities. After that she did her other favorite activity : riding her bike! I was too busy loosing races to take photos ... My little angel was simply about to burst to see her daddy! When he arrived we were too busy hugging to take pictures! And needless to say, Jared has not had a minute today without one or both of his babies hugging or wanting him to play! Every time I looked over I saw him hugging or playing or catching up with tickles with one of them! It is so wonderful to have him back home.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meanwhile ...

In between holding J, I've been trying to do things with M. On Sunday Grandma got out her China set from her mom and we had a real tea party with homemade peppermint tea and pb and j sandwiches. Today I have a little cheetah eating cheetah snacks in a cheetah nest (she even has a cheetah tail) .

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Little Tornado

My favorite meteorologist, Matt Laubhan, says energy has to build in the air for a tornado to form. He explains that after a great big storm it will be a while before the energy builds up to make another. So it is with my little tornado -all his energy is spent right now. Super J, as I like to call him,  has been very , very sick since Wednesday. He has foot, hand, and mouth disease. Dr. W says he has a very bad case of it. All he has done since Wednesday afternoon is sleep and cry and be frustrated because he is so hungry, but his mouth just hurts too much to eat. Today was a little better, and I'm hoping it wont take too long for him to get well and have his energy restored so that he is my little tornado once again. I feel just like his grandpa when he said "I would rather see J tearing up my house than lying so sick on the couch. " I am truly so grateful for all the prayers and fasting on his behalf and for the priesthood blessing he recieved.

(Pictures are : J sleeping, the walk I thought he felt good enough to take to get some fresh air yesterday, and him actually playing today!)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Project #2

I painted a cheap Walmart bookcase for Johnny's room. I think it will look cute in there! It looked like the one behind it-which I was going to paint for Maile's room, but could not decide on a color so I didn't do it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On the way home...

SOn the way home from our little excursion, the kids were so tired and slept most of the way. Then we had one of the scariest moments of our lives. We hydroplaned and went sliding / skidding into the muddy median. I thought we were going to start rolling. Thankfully three angels stopped to help us within seconds of stopping. One had a rope strong enough, one had a truck strong enough, and the other was the brains and muscle! By the time they got me out, we were soaked and they were muddy too. I'm just so very very greatful we are safe, my car is driveable, and those men were there to help. I know my Father in Heaven is always watching over us and this was a gentle reminder for me.

Jellystone, continued.

I just had to put up a few more pics! Here is one of somebody's kid with yogi because mine had no interest at all in going close to him! Also I had to show proof that we actually slept in the tent! Overall, I would recommend this place to others with young children. My only complaint is that there were too many people!


Hey hey! We had a wonderful time camping with Yogi and friends at Jellysytone Park! We got there about noon, checked in, set up our tent, had lunch and then headed for the splash pad and pool. That's where we were till about 4:15! Then we went on a "hey hey "ride.  After a delicious meal of Mac and cheese and hot dogs and campfire cones we swam some more! After showers we went to watch a little of the family movie they were playing -turned out to be not so "family " and it was late so we went to bed. Maile was asleep before I could say "good night, I love you! " . This morning we swam, played at the playground, had a game of put put golf, or "golfball game " as j called it, and went on a nature walk. Whew! After a hurried lunch and a change into our clothes we checked out and came home! I really enjoyed camping with the kids and hope to do it again soon!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Project #1

Finished! Lesson learned : Lowes has more options for spray paint so check there first!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fire Hydrant

"Oh, it's a robot! "

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yesterday we had a big disappointment hat resulted in
Much crying. Then we had another this morning -more crying. So, in order to make our raining, gray day happier I took the kids for their first game of bowling. It was a lot of fun. Maile loved it! I love these days of fun times with my babies!
P.s. apparently this app wont let me post video so ill have to fb that!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Spy

This weekend Maile was complaining that her right eye was blurry. I dismissed it at first but when she persisted I thought maybe she really had a problem. But then she started talking about wearing glasses like her adorable friend Sarah. Again, I wasn't sure if she was complaining just to get glasses. So after much nagging from Maile I called and made her an appointment. It turns out that blurry eyes at her age are common , and that reading glasses would benefit her, and that she should grow out of needing them in about a year. So, whether or not she was making it up just to glasses, I will never know! When we were walking out she said "now my dream has come true! " (I.e. getting glasses was her dream) . On a side note J had to come with us and he is quite a handful! He did help M read  her letters -although his started out as numbers and ended as an adorable rendition of ABC's the eye Dr liked. Then he helped her pick out her glasses -thank goodness none got broken during the ordeal. Here are the ones we decided on from the limited options.

Monday, July 9, 2012


No, I am not talking about my little pony. Today, I want to say a few words about my little princess! My wonderful m.I.l. provided a way for M and I to have a mom and daughter day. We had so much fun together! We saw Brave (I will dedicate a post to that later) . We went to the mall, picked out earings, spider jumped, rode the carousel (I rode too!), ate dinner, window shopped, and then had frozen yogurt! Just to laugh, chat, and even have quiet moments with my precious little one was so sweet to me. I will cherish the memories we made! She even picked out matching outfits for us to wear for our special day. And the sweetest part to me was when i overheard her tell Grandmama that when we were leaving the mall to go home she couldnt even talk because she was smiling so much from being happy! Trust me, I felt the same way! I am so proud of how grown up and loving and sweet she is. She and I are both dreading kindergarten, but for different reasons. I am going to miss her being with me all day! She has been my little shadow and best friend for five years now. I look forward to her new adventures, but I will really miss my precious princess.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Third

Since I love Independence Day so much we started our celebrating today. We had a wonderful day together at Lake Tiak O 'Khata. That place may gross me out if I think about it too much, but it never lets us down! We swam, picnicked, and swam some more . After about 5 hours in the water we dressed and ate the buffet there. (Much better than last year, btw) . Then spent time on the lawn with lollies which resulted in Johnny's first yellow jacket sting. He was fine after a few minutes of crying. But, he was worn out! My good friend Melissa and her Fam were there and the kids had much fun playing in bubbles and dancing to the music! After fireworks on the lake. (Which johnny fell asleep half way through ) we had a very quiet drive home -only snores coming from the back! The kids are wiped out! Happy Birthday America!
(The pics are :J helping me load the trunk, picnic, playing on the lawn, tired boy) .