Sunday, September 21, 2014

Last Days

Once we got Jared home we had to make the most of his time in A-town. The kids did not want to let him out of their site!

We ate at Nibble Nook:

We saw the new Planes movie at the theater and that wore us out:

We played Legos:

We played Crazy 8s:

We played some guitar:

Throughout our month there we did a lot of swimming: (here J is practicing his Ninja skills)

The kids loved their Aunt and Uncle's light sabers:

We really, truly had such a wonderful time at the Wilson's and are just thankful for our time there. We cherish the memories we made!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hedgehog Fever

These pictures are terribly blurry-my apologies. Another library activity we went to was the animal day with Mr. Bob. (I think that's his name:) He is legit! The kids like seeing the animals very much with the exception of J seeing the snakes or anything else that might look remotely scary. Our favorite of all the animals was the hedgehog. The kids and I have been talking about getting a hedgehog ever since! We will one day! 

 Our other favorite was the owl:

After the library we went to the duck pond- a favorite tradition of M's.

 It is fun to watch the kids watch the ducks gobble up our stale crackers and moldy bread. Sounds like a meal-what lucky ducks!