Friday, April 15, 2011

Tornado Day

Today was a little more exciting than we prefer. We had tornado warnings and watches throughout the day. In between sitting in the "hallroom"

We did a couple activities to pass the rainy day time. We made oodles of Easter cookies:

We also had several weather reports:

(you may think you are looking at M holding a quilting mat, but what you are really seeing is the weather lady giving us a forecast on her map).
Thankfully, our kind Father in Heaven kept this trailer on the ground once again and we were safe from the storm. We are ever grateful for his watchful hand over us.
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Sunday, April 10, 2011


"I'm eating the mess out of this cake!" -m

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Long Day

6 AM: J wakes up with sweet baby babbling.
6:20: finally get up and get J
8:45:M gets up and we all eat.
9:40:head to the consignment sale.
11:00: head to the co-op for gardening necessities.
12:00: get a call that my husband and daughter have been in a wreck. Thank my Father in Heaven they are ok. M cracked the emt guy up because he asked her if she hurt anywhere and she said "my tummy hurts and it's cebuz I'm hungry!"
1:30: home, lunch, plant herbs for thirty min. (after that m and I were too hot and sweaty)
2:45: nap, clean up, get ready to go
5:30: head to my awesome nephew's birthday party. He had the coolest ninja cake!
8:00: home get kids jammied up and in bed. M says "it's been a long day mom."
Here is a sweet pic of my precious sweetheart in honor of that she is in one piece!
(I don't have one of my hubby or I'd put one of him on here too.)

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So after conference on Sunday, the tv was left on for some reason and when we sat down to eat supper there was a documentary about the Galaxy Children's Choir. M was enthralled. After we ate and bathed she put on her closest dress up she had to "Chinese" and we fixed her hair Chinese. And then she got her Chinese baby, and her violin so she could play Chinese. She even spoke some chinese. I just love her imagination!

P.S. What's up, dude?

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