Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fairy House

Wilson things recently got hair cuts:

 M had begged and begged me to get bangs. So I let her! This pic doesn't really show them-but it does show her excitement!
 And we also built a fairy house. Our on going project this summer. Last night the fairy left a note in the house to M asking if she could move in.
 We had some help from a construction worker:

 The next two pics are shot I tried to take of the little rock chairs or benches we made.

 We had an afternoon and evening out on Saturday. I had to run errands so I treated the kids to dinner out-at Sams! Pretty good for all of us to eat dinner with drinks and dessert for $9!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Camp Rains-a-Lot

Last week we tried to go camping. It started off great. We got the car packed (no easy feat), got there, and  I set up the tent while M made lunch. By herself! (J took the pics of her being a little mama.)

After we ate, we changed and headed to the sand dunes. I wish the pictures did it justice.

 It was bright and the sand was hot!

 Here's looking down from the top. It's hard to tell the lake from the sky!
 More views:

 "swimming" in the lake:

 I wouldn't let them go much deeper because it was just too cold for me to go in that water! It didn't bother J a bit. M would go for a dip and then come out shivering! It's crystal clear though and oddly enough didn't smell as much like a lake as the other beach we go to. Isn't that a little weird? Maybe I just don't know enough about lakes.

 M + my foot...that's my great photography skills coming out...

 And because you haven't seen enough:

 At dinner later:

 Nothing like eating around a campfire!

All was going well until about 8 pm when we were getting ready for bed. M tells the story best: (I had locked them in the car with my phone to call 911 in case anything happened).

So, M and I literally threw everything in the car around 10 pm (J slept through all this) and went home. I promised them I would make it up to them so the next evening we had tin foil dinners that I cooked on the grill, ate them on a picnic blanket outside (I'm sure the neighbors think I am looney), and set up the tent-right in the yard.

 Before going to "sleep" we had a rousing game of Go Fish. Then J went to sleep.

 M and I read for a bit. Then just as we were starting to doze off we had a great big thunderstorm. Those don't happen often here, but because we were in the tent, we got a storm. We stayed mostly dry. Once the storm passed and the rain calmed down, I felt like I had just dozed off when M nudged me because her air mattress and gone flat. So we ended up all three of us on one full size mattress for the rest of the night. Which, thanks to J only lasted til six am. So, needless to say, we were all pretty worn out the next day. Even with all the rain, muggy heat, and flat mattresses, I would do it again! I love being with my babies. Watching their eye lids droop as they finally give in to sleep is a sweet moment I don't get to experience often! I loved being able to whisper and giggle with M after J had gone to sleep. We watched fireflies together and held hands during the thunder. Those moments were worth all the other miserable ones!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Can't Help It

I just can't help it, y'all. I'm in love with my kiddos. They have been cracking me up. Yesterday we got a package from Grandmama with some new shoes in it. The kids were so excited! They even put their new shoes on after their bath/shower with their pj's! These new shoes also led to a lengthy conversation led by J  about how lucky they were to get two new shoes-one for each foot-because it just wouldn't be as cool with only one shoe. You wouldn't believe how long we discussed this! 

Here's another moment that tickled me: I was tucking J in tonight and we were chatting about our day and about what we were going to do tomorrow. Then I said in a loud and silly voice, "and you better sleep in tomorrow morning! No waking up at the crack of dawn!" (Which he has been.) And he just started laughing and was overcome with the giggles! He's a cutie for sure! Something else I love about this kid: he will randomly come to me and give me a kiss on my arm-or wherever he can reach! Talk about melting my heart!

I know M has said some things that tickled me but they are escaping me at the moment! 

Last week M had track camp. I didn't get very many pics. These are the few I got:

We also had a trip to the eye doctor. I was very thankful for the good people who work there-they were so patient in dealing with both my kids!

We also had a visit from the ice cream truck. That's such a childhood icon to me.

(love the tongue...)

New clothes and shoes:

Yesterday we went to a nature center near where we live. We truly enjoyed ourselves. First we learned about some MI natives:

 Other critters were there as well. Then we went on two different hiking trails and covered a mile. It was just right for a little afternoon excursion. I am hoping to go out more often since it is something we all enjoy. What could be better than getting exercise together in a quiet peaceful environment? (I mean besides eating a bowl of cookie dough while watching endless episodes of ...) And J made it almost the whole way! I only carried him the last little bit!  

Here they are before church today. I thought their daddy might like a pic on Father's Day. These kids are so lucky to have their dad. He is one-of-a-kind! We are so thankful for him and love him so much! 

(I think J is ushering in the angels here, or maybe directing a symphony...)

M got bored and took about fifty pictures on my phone during church. Not the best activity to do when we are worshiping but they both seemed to have ants in their pants today! I am usually trying to keep J quiet and seated so I probably let her get away with a little more than I should. Nevertheless, when I looked at the pics tonight I got really tickled. Especially the video- she is quietly giggling because she got a shot of my fatty arm.  Then when I whispered to her if she was being reverent she cut it off. I had no idea she was videoing me!

 She just couldn't help herself...

After church we put together a puzzle. I love doing quiet activities with my babies!