Saturday, June 30, 2012


We are finally out of our now former abode! I am so relieved to be finished. (I wish this app would let me post the pics in between writing but it doesn't.) I have learned a few lessons about moving that I will remember for the next move :
-Make sure to have plenty of help. I could not have done this without my parents, in - laws, and friends.
-Leave about two weeks for "the little stuff. " I thought I was pretty much done and then I was packing odds and ends forever! So frustrating!
-Then when you think you are finished, do a walk through to find all the things you've forgotten! I had a whole box of forgotten stuff.
-I left all the cleaning undone for the past several months since I knew I was leaving : bad idea! I had a lot of scrubbing to do today!

Truly, I am so thankful to my dad and so many others who helped. I could not have done this by myself.